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  • corner kick — Corner Cor ner, n. (Association Football) [More fully {corner kick}.] A free kick from close to the nearest corner flag post, allowed to the opposite side when a player has sent the ball behind his own goal line. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • corner kick — n. Soccer a free, or unhindered, kick by which an offensive player puts the ball in play from the corner of the field (corner area) after a defensive player has caused the ball to cross his own goal line, not between the goal posts …   English World dictionary

  • Corner kick — A picture of the exact moment the blue white team s corner kick is taken. A corner kick is a method of restarting play in a game of association football. It was first devised in Sheffield under the Sheffield Rules 1867. It was adopted by the… …   Wikipedia

  • corner-kick — kampinis statusas T sritis Kūno kultūra ir sportas apibrėžtis Kamuolio (kamuoliuko) smūgis arba metimas iš aikštės kampo žaidžiant futbolą, rankinį, žolės ir ledo riedulį. Kampinis skiriamas tada, kai besiginančios komandos žaidėjas išmuša… …   Sporto terminų žodynas

  • corner kick — noun A kick awarded to the attacking team when the ball leaves the field of play by wholly crossing the goal line without a goal having been scored, having last touched a player from the defending team. For the kick, the ball is placed within the …   Wiktionary

  • corner kick — cor′ner kick n. spog a free kick in soccer, taken from the corner by the offense after a defensive player has driven the ball out of bounds …   From formal English to slang

  • corner kick — noun a free kick from the corner awarded to the other side when a player has sent the ball behind his own goal line • Hypernyms: ↑free kick …   Useful english dictionary

  • corner kick — Soccer. a direct free kick awarded to the attacking team when a defender last touched a ball that crossed entirely over the goal line, taken from the corner area on the side of the field where the ball went out of play. Also called corner. [1880… …   Universalium

  • corner kick — noun Date: 1882 a free kick from a corner of a soccer field awarded to an attacker when a defender plays the ball out of bounds over the end line …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • corner kick — situation in soccer in which a player kicks the ball into play from the corner of the field …   English contemporary dictionary

  • corner — ► NOUN 1) a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet. 2) a place where two streets meet. 3) a secluded or remote region or area. 4) a difficult or awkward position. 5) a position in which one dominates the supply of a particular… …   English terms dictionary

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